Chopper Charlie ... Biker's & Pachanga's

A Biker HOOTEROLOGIST ... an American Biker, Chopper Charlie

HOOTEROLOGY ...  I'm a registered Hooterologist? So Lady’s if you have any symptoms at all with your HOOTERS, I’m your Man, the Biker HOOTEROLOGIST. 

 I practice HOLISTIC   MEDICINE, “MASSAGE THERAPY & ORAL SUCTION” ....I don’t make much money.. But (I GUARAN-DAMN-TEE YA’) I’m  having a good time ..

I'm the "Only" Hooterologist.... East of the Mississippi ...
When I Go Back to Texas ... I'm the Only Hooterologist "West" of the Mississippi ...
I am also a Biker Medical Examiner
So Lady's ............   If Y'all think Y'all are in possession of the worlds best HOOTER ... SHOW ME YOUR HOOTERS' WHIPP EM' OUT & SHOW ME YOUR HOOTER NOW ...

Chopper Charlie


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