Chopper Charlie ... Biker's & Pachanga's

A Little about Chopper Charlie ..

I'm 71 years old and I started Bikin' in 1958, shortly after I discovered that girls, had been busy growing themselves some nice lookin' playthings called "HOOTERS?" I also noticed some of them little girls were doing a better job of growing them then others ?

Now, I was not the brightest Young boy in Texas, but I was not brain dead either ...  So I did me some calculations ?

Motorcycle's had wheel's:    &  Wheels = Transportation
Transportation = access to more females ..
Access to more females = A greater chances of ME getting my grubby little hands on some of them there HOOTERS ...  
Signs of my early genius, I'd say .. 

I am asked sometimes?; CHOPPER ARE YOU A REAL BIKER? 
I tell them “YEPPER, I'm the kind of guy who even if I were Sleeping Naked with the “ENTIRE COWBOYS CHEERLEADING SQUAD”  
I would sneak out in the middle of the night, and go set on my  Harley a little while ...                                                                      






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